About Us

Serving over 500 counties nationwide, Recording Fast continues to lead the e-recording industry with fast and reliable service in a variety of markets. With an expert team of system developers and customer service professionals, Recording Fast provides customized submittal options for a wide array of document needs.

We offer e-recording for county offices, including:

  • County Clerk
  • Recording Department
  • Courthouse
  • Register of Deeds
  • Louisiana Parishes

At Recording Fast, documents can be submitted 24-hours a day and our secure online payments offer quick processing for all of your forms. Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive network and thorough validation procedures and start reducing your workload today.

How it Works

Without leaving your office you can scan and submit your documents to Recording Fast. We correctly calculate the county fees for you and check your document to verify it meets basic formatting specifications required by the corresponding county office before submitting the document to be recorded. You are then promptly notified of errors that would cause a rejection and are given the opportunity to correct the document which eliminates recording delays due to errors. The process gets your legal document recorded in minutes!

For more ways we can help, contact us today.

"When it comes to timeliness, Record- ing Fast is the best in the business."
Joyce Bonell

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