The Construction industry requires numerous and sometimes complex documents to be recorded at different phases of building. Recording Fast is ready to serve all of your building management needs with a fast and simplified approach.

If you can't get paid or start construction without having the proper legal document recorded, we can get you back on track quickly.

Browse our construction services:

  • Lien Notices
  • Claim of Lien
  • Satisfaction of Claim of Lien
  • Bonds
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Affidavits
  • Termination Notices
  • All Public Record Document Types

A Saving Example:

A Contractor needs to leave his office to file a Notice of Commencement in the next county. He's the business owner and drives a large construction vehicle. To file his Notice, he would spend:

  • Time away from the office (2 hours at $50 an hour) = $100
  • Gas & Mileage (40-mile round trip at $.55 cents an hour) =$22

Using the Recording Fast service could save him $122 and his time could be better spent on his business.

For more information on our construction services, contact us today.

"When it comes to timeliness, Record- ing Fast is the best in the business."
Joyce Bonell

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